Interview With Sobrii Brand Ambassador Sandra

Sometimes we stumble on talented mixologists who embrace the non-alcoholic world of spirits as a creative way to imbibe without the consequences. Sandra is a talented mixologist and a Sobrii Brand Ambassador who has mixed up several delicious cocktails without any alcohol!

We decided to interview Sandra to discover where she gets her inspiration and creativity.

Can you tell us about yourself and your background in mixology?

I work in HR by day, and run prettyeffinggood on the side, where I make and bottle small-batch cocktail syrups in Kitchener, Ontario.  Given my small business, people often assume that I was, or am, a bartender.  Truth be told – my husband and I started exploring mixology when we were at home during the pandemic.  Beyond picking up some beautiful cocktail books, YouTube exploration and learning some basics... we're winging it over here!

You make incredible cocktail recipes with awesome background music. What is your inspiration?

First of all – flattered! Thank you so much! I’m usually inspired by something that’s going on around me... whether that be the weather, a holiday, or even just some ingredients that we have on hand, that’s usually how we get started.  As for the music, that’s just a glimpse into our house! We have some form of music on most of the time, so I usually include something that’s playing while we’re filming or posting, or the latest banger that I have on repeat!

What is your favourite cocktail in general? Why?

This is such a hard question! I’d have to say that my favourite cocktail is probably an Infante.  The first time that we made it, I was so surprised at how delicious and refreshing tequila, lime and orgeat (an almond-based syrup) was, and it’s always a hit with guests.  Bonus points because we can always sub in Sobrii 0-Tequila for anyone who is looking for an alcohol-free beverage with the same experience.  It’s actually the recipe that we include on our orgeat label!

How did you get started on this journey of making drinks and cocktails?

When I said earlier that we started exploring mixology during the pandemic, what I really mean by that is my partner found some great bartenders on YouTube sharing recipes, and I honestly think we got sucked in by the cool camera work.  We thought, “well, it can’t be that hard,” and started going through our cabinets and shaking things up.  Once we were able to start hosting again, it was so much fun trying new cocktails with friends, and of course, shaking up cocktails at home feels so fancy.  Next thing you know, we’re making short menus for friends when they come over to introduce them to things that we think they might like, and really up our hosting game!

What are your tips for others who want to create delicious cocktails at home?

Start with the classics to get a feel for the ratios, and flavours that you like.  Once you have a feel for that, you can experiment forever! Oh, and you’ll always need more ice and more citrus than you think!

What was your first impression of Sobrii?

I thought Sobrii looked like a great brand, and was definitely in an up-and-coming market.  I also loooove that they are based in Stratford, Ontario, which is actually my hometown!

When incorporating Sobrii 0-Gin or 0-Tequila into a cocktail, what do you consider?

What’s great about making drinks with Sobrii 0-Gin or 0-Tequila is that you can use them 1:1 for their alcohol-based counterpart.  I love the spicy notes from the 0-Tequila which is great if you love a spicy margarita.

What is your favourite cocktail you made with Sobrii so far?

I have to pick two! An Infante using 0-Tequila for sure, and a Sugar Plum with 0-Gin, our grenadine, and fresh grapefuit.

What is next for you Sandra?

This year, I’ll be working to continue to grow prettyeffinggood.  I’m hoping to introduce a new flavour of syrup to our line-up, and to finalize some new products, too!


Please connect with Sandra on Instagram @prettyeffinggood




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