Sobrii 0-Tequila Food Pairings

How to Pair 0-Tequila with Food

Just as serving wine with the right dish can enhance both the drink and the food, enjoying a non-alcoholic cocktail while you dine can help you appreciate new taste dimensions with every sip and bite. The trick is finding pairings that complement and balance one another, rather than competing or overpowering each others’ flavours. Trial and error is key to discovering the combinations that make your palate sing — as is sipping your non-alcoholic cocktail while you cook and tasting as you go — but these ideas for pairing Sobrii 0-Tequila cocktails with food will help get you started.



You can rarely go wrong matching drinks with cuisines that have a similar origin. This rule of thumb is certainly true for the 0-Paloma, an alcohol-free version of the classic Mexican cocktail the Paloma, which is an excellent pair for Mexican-influenced fare. Like blanco tequila, the light, fresh notes of 0-Tequila are often best enjoyed with milder flavours. Try serving the 0-Paloma with zesty, Mexican-style dishes like aguachile, ceviche, or fish or shrimp tacos.


Sobrii Chai Hot Noddy

The belly-warming flavours of this alcohol-free riff on a Hot Toddy make it a comforting drink that’s ideal for savouring on cozy winter evenings. Try serving the Sobrii Chai Hot Noddy as an after-dinner drink and pair it with a sweet dessert. You can play with the drink’s spicy cinnamon and chai components by enjoying it with gingerbread or cinnamon cookies. You could also experiment with a combo that pays homage to tequila’s Mexican origins by matching this non-alcoholic cocktail with sugar-dusted churros.


Sobrii Pineapple and Thyme Daiquiri

Featuring fresh pineapple juice, the citrusy, wonderfully acidic qualities of the Sobrii Pineapple and Thyme Daiquiri make it a delicious pairing for seafood like crab cakes, lobster salad, or grilled fish like salmon. You can also enhance this non-alcoholic cocktail’s citrus flavour by serving it with a salad dressed in a citrus vinaigrette, or veggies seasoned with garlic, chili, and citrus, which match nicely with the herby element added by the Daiquiri’s thyme garnish. As a dessert, build on the drink’s pineapple juice component by enjoying it alongside a fresh fruit platter. 


La Sobrita

La Sobrita is a low-alcohol take on the Rosita cocktail, a tequila-based cousin of the Negroni made with Campari and vermouth. Campari gives this low-octane cocktail an appealingly bitter taste that stands up well when paired with strongly-flavoured foods. La Sobrita can be a lovely pre-dinner cocktail to enjoy with appetizers since it goes well with bold, salty snacks like charcuterie, salt and vinegar popcorn, or bacon-wrapped asparagus. For after dinner, try serving La Sobrita with chocolate. Mint chocolate is a particularly tasty combo, with the bright notes of Sobrii 0-Tequila juxtaposing pleasantly with the cool, refreshing taste of the mint.



Made with freshly-squeezed lime and agave syrup, this alcohol-free spin on a traditional Margarita cocktail highlights 0-Tequila’s crisp, citrusy flavours. You can mirror the zesty, warming taste of 0-Tequila in this non-alcoholic cocktail by pairing it with a bowl of jalapeño-spiked guacamole and tortilla chips. The bright flavours of the lime and 0-Tequila, combined with the subtle sweetness of the agave syrup, can also bring balance to spicy cuisines. Experiment with serving the 0-Margarita with a Thai-inspired curry, Nashville hot chicken, or Cajun-style dishes like jambalaya.

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