How to Celebrate Sober October

The annual Sober October challenge, which encourages participants to take a month-long break from drinking alcohol, is well underway. From cutting back on alcohol ahead of the upcoming holiday season excess to taking a much-needed pause to reevaluate your relationship with alcohol, there are countless reasons to try going alcohol-free for October. To help guide you in your Sober October journey, we’ve rounded up some tips for enjoying your alcohol-free days this month (and beyond!).


Master some new mixology techniques

Whether this is your first Sober October or you’re a veteran of alcohol-free living, learning a few new home bartending skills can help you make the most of the delicious, non-alcoholic drink options available to you. Check out our guide to alcohol-free mixology techniques for some quick tips on mastering mixology methods ranging from shaking and stirring to creating beautiful layering effects in your glass. Then get some practice by heading to our cocktail page for inspiration on new recipes to try.


Get together with friends

Sober October is the perfect time to discover that just because you’re not drinking, it doesn’t mean your social life has to be over. Many of our usual gatherings, from dinner parties to game nights, are often associated with alcohol; but you can simply swap in a non-alcoholic spirit like Sobrii 0-Tequila or 0-Gin to enjoy the fun of toasting drinks with friends without the next-day hangover. Sober October might also inspire you to try a new activity with friends, such as going for a walk together rather than going to a bar. Although alcohol is known as a social lubricant, many people find that reducing their alcohol consumption actually strengthens their social connections. Getting together with friends when you’re sober means you can be more present in conversations and listen more attentively to others, which can help you form more meaningful connections over time.


Try a new non-alcoholic drink

Treat your palate to something special in honour of Sober October by testing out some new non-alcoholic drink options. If you haven’t tried Sobrii 0-Tequila yet, there’s no better time to discover this exciting new addition to our distilled non-alcoholic spirits line-up. Featuring a distinctive blend of botanicals that includes natural agave flavour, jalapeno, coriander, black pepper, and Canadian ginseng, Sobrii 0-Tequila can be used to make an alcohol-free take on a Margarita, Paloma, or any other traditional tequila-based cocktail.


Pick up a positive new habit

You might find that cutting out alcohol leaves you with some extra free time on your hands that was previously spent drinking, and you might also discover you’re sleeping better and feeling more energized without the effects of alcohol on your body. Use that time and energy to your advantage during Sober October by introducing some positive new routines into your life. That might mean reading a book, doing something creative like making music or crafting, starting an online language course, or trying a new hobby like knitting or yoga. Sober October offers a wonderful opportunity to step beyond relying on alcohol to unwind and explore different kinds of activities that leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.

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