Introducing Sobrii 0-Tequila

Just in time for Sober October, Sobrii is excited to announce the launch of its second distilled non-alcoholic spirit: 0-Tequila. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from the newest addition to our non-alcoholic spirits line-up and some tips on how to enjoy 0-Tequila in your favourite cocktails.

What is 0-Tequila?

Sobrii 0-Tequila is a non-alcoholic tequila that’s produced in small batches in Stratford, ON. Like Sobrii 0-Gin, 0-Tequila contains zero sugar, zero calories, and less than 0.5% ABV, making it an ideal alternative for those who want to enjoy a tequila-based cocktail without the negative consequences of consuming alcohol.

A beverage industry veteran, Sobrii creator Bob Huitema drew on his experience working with traditional tequilas and mezcals to develop 0-Tequila. Inspired by Mexico’s artisanal distilleries, Huitema wanted to create a non-alcoholic spirit that would allow fans of classic tequila cocktails to continue to savour the flavour experience of their favourite drinks but minus the hangover.

What does 0-Tequila taste like?

0-Tequila is best compared to a blanco tequila, which is the style used most often in cocktails. Traditional tequila is categorized based on how long it has been barrel-aged. Blanco tequila is unaged and bottled shortly after distillation, resulting in the signature bold, fresh agave flavour that 0-Tequila aims to replicate.

“We wanted to emulate the flavour of tequila in a cocktail,” says Huitema. 0-Tequila recreates the sensory experience of tequila using a distinctive blend of botanicals that includes natural agave flavour, jalapeno, coriander, and black pepper. Like 0-Gin, 0-Tequila also incorporates Canadian ginseng as a nod to its local origins.

 “I wanted it to not only have that flavour impact in a cocktail but also have sufficient mouthfeel,” says Huitema. “The goal was to replicate some of that alcohol burn as well, which is the predominant feature of tequila.” Jalapeno brings an appealing spicy note, which is balanced by sweet agave and the warm, earthy flavours of black pepper and coriander.

How to enjoy 0-Tequila

Like 0-Gin, 0-Tequila is best sipped as part of low- or zero-alcohol cocktails. “Our non-alcoholic spirits are designed to be enjoyed in a cocktail, in a fun environment, in the same kind of setting that people would normally associate with an alcoholic drink,” says Huitema.

Like 0-Gin, 0-Tequila can simply be swapped into classic tequila cocktail recipes. Try mixing it with triple sec and fresh lime juice to create a low-octane spin on a Margarita, or combine it with fresh lime juice and grapefruit soda to make an alcohol-free take on a Paloma. Mix 0-Tequila with lemon juice and sugar to make a Tequila Sour; or add it to a glass with lime juice, tomato juice, hot sauce, pepper, and olive juice to make an alcohol-free Bloody Maria as a brunch cocktail. You can also keep an eye on our cocktail page, where we’ll soon also be sharing more original cocktail recipes featuring 0-Tequila to help inspire your at-home non-alcoholic mixology creations.

Sobrii 0-Tequila is now available in 750ml and 200ml.

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