Interview With Sobrii Brand Ambassador Chantel @drinksbychiin

Did you know that Sobrii has a Brand Ambassador program where we invite aspiring home bartenders to get creative with non-alcoholic spirits?

Chantel is the perfect example of a creative home bartender who didn't necessarily come from a professional bartending background, but is coming up with delicious cocktail recipes that her audience is raving about!

We wanted to know more about her inspiration and her experience working with Sobrii's non-alcoholic spirits.


How did you find out about the Sobrii Brand Ambassador program? 

I was invited to join the ambassador program! 


What has been your experience so far in the program? 

My experience so far in the ambassador program has been amazing, it has really helped me grow my online presence + community!


You make incredible cocktail recipes in beautifully edited videos. What is your inspiration? 

My inspiration comes from experiencing different cocktails/drinks from my nights out & the excitement I felt knowing that I can recreate quality drinks and cocktails with my own twist at home. Some of that inspiration also comes from shooting/ editing videos & seeing what I can accomplish each time I film a new recipe, so in essence I’m always inspired to try something different & new. 


What is your favourite cocktail in general? Why? 

My favourite cocktail in general is an espresso martini, it was the first cocktail I learned how to recreate at home + who doesn’t love a little caffeine kick! 


How did you get started on this journey of making drinks and cocktails? 

It honestly started as a hobby in my kitchen that I would do in my free time, but the more I began making more videos I realized that it was something that I truly love doing!  


What are your tips for others who want to create delicious cocktails at home? 

My tips for people who want to create delicious cocktails/mocktails at home is to create what you love, try different ingredients you never know what you might like! Be confident in yourself, have fun & don’t take it too seriously + having some good cocktail tools is always a plus! 


What was your first impression of Sobrii? 

My first impression of Sobrii was wow these taste like the real deal! It also opened me up to the idea of not having to drink to have a good time. 

When incorporating Sobrii 0-Gin or 0-Tequila into a cocktail, what do you consider? 

I like to consider the flavour profile of each NA liquor, & what would go best with different ingredients. I also like to experiment with different recipes by having my friends and family taste each cocktail.


What is your advice for people who want to create better videos for their cocktail creations? 

My advice for people who want to create better videos is to keep practising, writing down your ideas & thoughts is great way to help put your ideas into perspective, find the best lighting possible ( natural lighting is always best) Use what you have ( you don’t need expensive equipment to produce good quality videos), don’t hold back just post it! Appreciate the highs and lows of the process ( it doesn’t always have to be perfect) & oh yeah make sure to fun & set small goals & go for it! You got this! 




What is your favourite cocktail you made with Sobrii so far? 

My favourite cocktail I’ve made so far using Sobrii is a apple cider margarita 



What is next for you Chantel? 

Continuing to growing my platform & community, creating quality content & hopefully one day coming out with a mocktail + matcha recipe book! Stay tuned cause it’s coming! 


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