Need Ideas for Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and most of us will be celebrating at home this year. Although the usual candlelit restaurant dinners and romantic outings won’t be possible, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your stay-at-home Valentine’s Day a special occasion. Whether you’re spending February 14th with a significant other, family, or friends, these fun, alcohol-free activity ideas will help you make the most of Valentine’s Day at home.


Treat yourself to dinner and drinks

Sharing a delicious dinner with loved ones is a Valentine’s Day mainstay that you don’t have to miss out on just because restaurants are closed. Whether you order a meal kit from a local restaurant to make at home or try out a new cookbook or Youtube recipe, you can still make wonderful food and drink a central part of your Valentine’s Day celebration. Take your meal up a notch by pairing it with a fancy non-alcoholic cocktail (head here for some recipe inspiration). Channel the dining out experience by dressing up or creating a playlist to set the mood. If you’re not able to get together in-person with your loved ones this year, you can also prepare the same dinner and drinks and savour them together over a video call.


Take an online class

Learning something new with your loved one can be an enjoyable bonding experience, as well as a way to break up the monotony of days spent at home. With hundreds of virtual classes available online, you can pick something that matches your interests whether it’s paint night, a fitness class, or cooking lesson. Many local businesses have started offering online classes over the past year to supplement their revenue, so participating in a virtual activity can also be a rewarding chance to support a favourite neighbourhood business this Valentine’s Day. 


Do a home spa treatment

Treat yourself to some extra rest and relaxation by having a home spa day with your significant other. It could be as low-key as splurging on luxurious face masks or taking a long bath, or you can create a full-on home spa experience by wearing bathrobes, lighting some candles, and playing some soothing music.


Get outside

Moving your body and getting some fresh air offers a great mental and physical boost, plus the opportunity to connect with your Valentine in a new environment. Go for a glide on an outdoor skating rink or on a wintery hike through a local scenic area. If you don’t want to venture far, celebrating Valentine’s Day outside can be as simple as going for a sunset stroll around your neighbourhood. 


Play a board game or take on a puzzle

Take a break from the usual Netflix nights and try working on a puzzle together or playing a board game. Both can be satisfying alternatives to zoning out in front of a screen that allow you to talk with one another while also participating in an entertaining activity. This is another excellent option is you’re not able to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved ones in person, since many two-player games like Scrabble and chess can also be played online. Pair your game night with a well-crafted non-alcoholic cocktail and some tasty snacks and you’ve got all the makings of a memorable Valentine’s Day.

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